New Product Coming Soon from Vince Offer Shlomi?

What's next for Vince from Slap Chop?Your Savvy Shopper always keeps an ear to the ground. I’ve recently heard rumors that Vince Shlomi, AKA Vince Offer, AKA Vince from ShamWow and Slap Chop, AKA Square One Entertainment, is negotiating behind-the-scenes with DRTV companies to assist him in marketing a brand-new product. I don’t have any details regarding the product or when it will launch, but I’ll keep you posted as we learn more. Over a year has elapsed since Vince’s altercation with a hooker in Miami, Florida. Since Shlomi’s media profile is not nearly that of a misbehaving celebrity like Tiger Woods, I’d be surprised if many TV viewers are aware of this mutual assault and near-arrest. It’s not expected to affect the public’s acceptance of a new pitch from this unconventional yet very successful pitchman.

2 thoughts on “New Product Coming Soon from Vince Offer Shlomi?

  1. vince – sent email from your other site but can’t tell if went through – have a killer product that cleans hair without water, shampoo, or conditioner and cleans in seconds
    women will buy the holy crap out of this – should be able to sell for $7-$10 ea. – can
    have manufactured for i would estimate $0.40 ea. interested? – email me – thanks and
    keep pitch’n brother – terry

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