Mighty Thirsty, Hex Light and Cold Fire Featured on Pitchmen Aug. 19

As Seen on TV products featured on the premiere episode of Pitchmen season two:

Mighty Thirsty

Mighty Thirsty

Drinks up over 8 times its own weight in liquid

HexLight Hands-Free LED Flashlight


Hands-Free LED Flashlight

Cold Fire Ultimate Fire Protector

Cold Fire

Super-effective fire suppressant


6 thoughts on “Mighty Thirsty, Hex Light and Cold Fire Featured on Pitchmen Aug. 19

  1. I placed an order for the hex lights in November as well. Never received any notice on being on backorder until I started checking the status of the order. Then found the same “on backorder will be shipped in 15 days” notice previously mentioned by others. Then I discovered that my credit card was charged on Dec. 13th. Have tried calling and can’t seem to get through to telebrands. I also notice that Telebrands doesn’t mention the hex lights on their website. I feel totally scammed….

  2. The same thing happened to me. I ordered four of the hexlights in the middle of November for Christmas. Since the day after I placed the order the order status page has been telling me that my order will ship within the next 15 business days.I called for assistance two weeks ago and was told to be patient and that I would not be charged until they shipped. I was charged on December 15th for the entire amount for two different orders. No hexlights yet. Now one of my orders status updates reads, “This order has been canceled”. I didn’t cancel anything, especially after I have paid in full for it. I think the whole thing is a scam. Don’t waste your time or money. Order a product from a company who knows how to run a business.

  3. If you are wanting a hex light you had better place your order 6 months in advance, then have to redo it every month. I requested 4 lights back in September and is now the middle of December. I have had to place my order 3 times already. They don’t tell you the status of your order and that it expires after a month if it hasn’t shipped. This will be the last time I will request this if it doesn’t ship this time. I’ve called and talked to numerious people and get the runaround everytime. Good luck on getting your order. I will send another comment later if I do or don’t get the product this time.

  4. If you notice…the hexlight prototype used six high-power “laser pointer” style LED emitters. The ASOT version doesn’t seem as bright…IMHO. But I still want one…or two!!

  5. Peggy, As Seen on TV products are usually available only through direct purchase by phone or online for several months or more before they become available in stores. I wouldn’t expect to see them in stores soon.

  6. I saw the Pitchmen show on the History Channel and I am very interested in both the Hex Light and the Cold Fire. I would like to know if they are available in my area yet (Bloomington/Normal, Il. 61761). We are about 2 1/2 hours south east of Chicago.

    As with millions people, I am sad about Billy. I think it is an honor to him to continue the show. Great job on the Aug.19th show!

    Thank You,
    Peggy Moore

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