Mighty Sealer – New Product Tuesday

Mighty Sealer flexible rubber sealant in a canToday’s new product dubs itself the “Original” Mighty Sealer, in an apparent attempt to make it seem more authentic than Flex Seal, the other As Seen on TV “rubber in a aerosol can” flexible sealant spray. I’ve had good results making repairs around the house with Flex Seal, but it’s just like the old Ford Model T — it comes in any color you want, as long as it’s black. Sure, you can paint over it, but that makes a simple job more complicated and time-consuming.

What I really like about Mighty Sealer is that it comes in three colors: black, white or clear. Watch the commercial below to see how these new color options allow you to perform all sorts of invisible yet leak-stopping and crack-filling repairs, indoors and out, without post-repair paint touch-up. Spray clear Mighty Sealer to fix a leaky tub or shower head. You wouldn’t dare do that with black goo. What’s cool about this TV offer is that you get 2 cans in your choice of colors. What’s cracked or leaking around your house? Seal cracks and leaks with Mighty Sealer.

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