Michael Jackson Lithograph Poster Set

Your Savvy Shopper was wondering when the Michael Jackson collectible TV offers would start. Here’s the first one I’ve seen: The Michael Jackson Lithograph Poster Set.

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  1. I just want to say that I miss the king of pop music. I just found his posters from my storage, and they make me feel how lucky I am to me here. Thank you!

  2. i will really miss the King of Pop. michael jackson is truly the best pop artist in this lifetime.*.,

  3. You can get both of these posters at a mall. I got both of these at the mall where I live and they both cost only 5.99!! no shipping or handling and no wrinkled edges.

  4. Thank you all so much. I have had this page bookmarked to my computer since MJ’s death. I intended to order these posters, but never got to it. Now, after reading all of these complaint I’m happy that I didnt. Good luck to you all trying to resolve your situations. It’s ashame people are using his name to scam others.

  5. I also received the two posters very damaged & very upset. We sent them back in around sept or oct & have not heard a thing back. We did get a credit of $5 on our bank statement, just like several of you have commented. I am very upset, we paid $33.96 total for these 2 posters & got $5 back. We also paid almost $10 to ship them back, asking for replacements that of course we have never gotten.

  6. Michael Jackson is truly the King of Pop. He made a lot of great songs in the area of Pop Music. His death is a great loss to the music industry.

  7. I ordered four by in September and still haven received my four Micheal Jackson lithos they took the money out of my account right aways and everytime i try calling this number 1-800-470-5843 it is some other kind of business i just want my money back.

  8. The website is http://www.mjlitho.com and the number on my credit card is listed as 800.77.4034. Now I have not called this number; however, I would imagine that it would be the number that I can call with disputes. Nevertheless, I too am in the same boot. I received mine and the were damaged. When they initially stated the price as $10.00 my mouth dropped. I am a expert in the world of art, but I know lithographs are not cheap. I instantly thought they would be $250 or more. For those that did receive your order(s) enjoy and I will try to do the same.

  9. I almost undrstnd. evrybdys.opinion,but my lithograph pstrs. Ws. Ordrd. Frm. Tha same cmpny. Well ….. I would say my postrs. Wre. Almost in gd. Cond. They alwys. Say NOTHINGS PERFECT I got about 7 qty. Difrnt. Pstrs. Sme.size for $78.00 tke. Tha pstrs. Get thm. Framed, frm.tha portrait studio they would mke. Ur posters look worth $100.00 jst. Pay $40.00, for a gd. Quality pctr. Frame, I wind up getting $700.00 bck. To all u cstmrs. gd.luck & god bless

  10. I also ordered mine over two months ago and still have received them. However, payment has been made and I want my stuff.

  11. what was the name of the company or whatever on tv that was selling them, does anyone remember, ive been calling around and everyone keeps saying they werent the ones that were selling them, i thought it was “as seen on tv” but they say no

  12. i ordered mine over 2 months ago and still havent gotten them, after hearing all these bad comments im not sure i care anymore, ok yeah i do still want them, can someone please contact and let me know where they are?!

  13. Same here guys, I ordered my lithographs August 10th and have not received them. Here it is October. I am very disappointed. After cousin told me she went to Wal-Mart and bought a poster for $5, I went and got one too. I wish I waited instead of wasting nearly $50. Well, you win some, you lose some. We just have to charge this one to the game. Thanks for sharing everybody. It made me feel better knowing I wasn’t the one one who got ganked. But I would feel a whole lot better if I could get my $50 back.

  14. Just wanted everyone to know that I never got my lithographs and it is October 5, 2009. I suppose that I will never get them and after reading everyones comments I guess if I did get them I am sure they would be in bad condition.

  15. Can somebody please help me. I orderd my Michael Jackson Lithographs in aug and i havn’t got them yet does anybody have the number or web sight to get some info on my order?

  16. I last commented Sep 28th ^^^^
    And I finally got mine today Oct 3rd.
    They’re perfectly fine, wrinkle free, as they should be considering how long it took for them to arrive.

  17. I order the as seen on TV so called Michael Jackson limited edition Lithographs. I order mine on Aug 18, and still have not received them. I ordered them all, as I was going to give them to family members also. They did charge my account, but nothing yet.

  18. I order two posters and two free about two and half months ago and still not recieve any one,my credit card bill came with $47.00 charge and i dont have the product yet.

  19. I’m pissed off! I ordered mine august 28. I waited like 3 weeks and heard nothing, they didnt even charge my account. So i called and they said my order should be recieved in the 2-3 week of september. So they carged my account about 3 days later, and I still haven’t gotten anything! So i call the number back and it’s been “disconnected.” So i login to getorderstatus.com and they say it’s been shipped out. wtf.

  20. Help! Does anyone have info on this website. It’s been since Aug 6 and I haven’t gotten my MJ Lithoset and not sure now I want it.

  21. I ordered Michael Jackson for my son, because he was my sons idol. my son is upset that he has not received his posters. I was also charged 43.99 and they took it out of my account. I’m angry that people can do these type of things.

  22. I got mine and was also disappointed in them but I was willing to keep them but as soon as I looked at all of them they were put in the tube baddly and were crinkeled. They didnt care how they put them in. So I called and returned them wanted them replaced and instead of replacing them they sent back half my money and now I cant even get ahold of them not to mention they told me I would not have to pay to send them back I have not recieved that back ever!

  23. Do not buy from here. They charged me $57.95 and they were all damamaged as well. I called for a refund and they said they would not refund shipping and handling and wanted me to ship them back at my cost.

  24. I guess I was lucky and received mine in a timely manner. And then turned around and I guess the way you all talk and I hate to think that it’s true that someone I didn’t know approached me and paid me $175.00 for the two I got, the Thriller set. Now I feel guilty after reading what all of you are saying. Mine were in mint condition and came with there certificates of authenticity and they were numbered. So I don’t know what’s going on.
    Just thought I’d let you know my experience.

  25. I ordered these posters for my daughter a few weeks ago and we still have not received them. I am calling to cancel and they better not have charged my credit card. Bloody hell,


  27. I guess there is a sucker born every day and count me as among the bunch. My posters were also wrinkled on the edges. Have been trying for a month to get them to send me another set. But, so far nothing.

  28. I ordered those and I didn’t get a charge on my account for 4 days. I called to confirm the order was placed correctly, they couldn’t find me and said to give it a couple of days. The next day, they called me to offer some rings and bracelets since I ordered the lithograph. I declined. That lets me know they had my order. I still have no lithograph but at least no charges. I went to Walmart last week and bought the Thriller album poster for $4.95.

  29. I ordered these off tv for $23.99. When they came, the edges were totally messed up. Also, they charged my account for $34.99. I called them and told them I was sending them back for replacement and argued with them about the charge. They agreed to credit my account for $5.00. It should have been $10.00 but I took what I could get. THey told me to send them back and they would send me another one. I asked them if they would pay for my shipping them back since it was not my fault. They assured me that they would credit my account for the shipping. It cost me $10.00 to ship back. That has been 3 or 4 weeks ago. They did credit my account for $5.00. Then, today they credited it for $19.00???? I am assuming that they are not sending me another one. If that is the case, they still owe me $20.00. I have tried calling and of course, cannot get anyone. I think these people are totally screwed up and I would never order anything again. I guess I am just out of $20.00.

  30. So i orderedthese lithographs and 4 more from that ridiculous company telebrands and they kept my money for over a month before they credited it back to my card. So I called to find out what the hell was going on and they tell me they ran out. My order was placed within 2 days of the promotion starting. I called a week after placing the order to confirm when I didn’t get an email to confirm and they gave me a confirmation number and an expected dilivery date. So yesterday Sept. 2 was the expected day when they didn’t come I got worried and now I have called and they told me they ran out. I think that is bull-shit. They should have to tell people if that is a possibility or not be able to ocntinue making sales when they don’t have the product. I mean what kind of business is conducted in such a manor.

  31. So I am getting a little upset because I’ve been waiting for a while to get my lithographs. I ordered them for my dad almost a month ago and they still haven’t come. A little disappointing 🙁

  32. The edges of my posters were damaged as well. I paid $23 and change for some $10 posters… I could have done better. Rather disappointed

  33. I got all of them and I am also very dissapinted, they are like regular posters and my are also damaged.I payd 15.00 for each, ebay are selling them for only 9.00 or 10.00 I am so upset!

  34. Babe, how much did you pay for the posters. I ordered mine a week ago and still haven’nt received them. But they made sure they charged my account.

  35. I purchased these and received them yesterday and was totally disappointed in them. It was my understanding that they would be numbered and a better grade, but they are only posters like you can buy in the stores. The posters came and the edges were even crinkled. Very unhappy camper here. Glad I didn’t go with all of them.

  36. Hello –

    I believe this is the MJ posters offer when you call 800-399-6717 except THAT’S MY BUSINESS PHONE NUMBER! I’m a little ad agency in NH, so they’ve given you the wrong number! Sorry I can’t help you. Hopefully, whoever did the TV ad can fix the phone number soon.

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