Meet Forbes Riley, Queen of the Infomercial

Your Savvy Shopper is still a relative newcomer to the world of DRTV, a world that has its own constellation of stars completely unknown to those who don’t watch infomercial and home shopping channels. Others, like Forbes Riley, may seem familiar even if you can’t put a name to the face. Forbes is 49 years old and has been around for decades, performing as an actor, TV host and spokesperson. I became aware of Ms. Riley when I learned she would be appearing on Discovery Channel show Pitchmen with Billy Mays and Anthony Sullivan promoting her new product, Spin Gym. Watch her demo reel below to see a small sample of her thousands of hours of television appearances.

7 thoughts on “Meet Forbes Riley, Queen of the Infomercial

  1. · “I absolutely love it…It’s got so much going for it that it’s hard to know where to begin. My big problem is flabby arms. I like the Overhead Spin for this reason. My arms tend to lose blood after a bit so I switch it up to another position. I’m working my arms at the gym, too, so this is the perfect marriage. I find that if I “concentrate” on what muscle the specific exercise is targeting, and really work it and squeeze it, it’s even better. One of the hidden and fun things about the SG is the feeling of “controlling the inertia” of the unit. You sort of get this “rhythm” going and it adds to the enjoyment and satisfaction if that makes sense. IT SITS ON MY COFFEE TABLE AS A PIECE OF ART, TOO! FABULOUS.”
    Rita S.
    Los Angeles, CA

    · “I will be buying more for Christmas gifts etc and will be more than happy to pay $39.99!”
    Deborah D.
    Richmond, VA

    · “I want to say thank you for such great service and commitment to customers! I appreciate the great service I received as well as the awesome workout. I am going to buy SpinGym’s for my friends and family as well as spread the word about your product! Keep up the great work and thank you!”
    Sarah D.
    Havelock, NC

    · “Dear staff at spingym,
    I have been using my Spingym just about every day for about 2 weeks
    and LOVE IT!!!! I already see my arms toning up! I have tried for
    years to thin my arms down to no avail and this little machine, in two
    weeks, have already started toning them! I am now looking to buy
    sleeveless shirts!
    Yesterday I was talking to a cashier telling her about my spingym
    and happened to have it in my purse. I whipped it out and showed her
    the workout and she loved it! She said she was going to look into
    buying one for herself. I love the compact design and the fact I can
    take it with me everywhere I go. Thank you for making such a
    wonderful product and for having a wonderful staff!”
    Your biggest Spingym fan,
    Sarah D.
    Havelock, NC

    · Love my SpinGym. It was worth the wait. Thank you so much!
    Sheryl S.
    Lexington, SC


  2. I am a loyal fan – have bought many of her amazing products from the Jack Lalanne Juicer to the Urban Rebounder on HSN — I find her inspiring and motivating and I hope I can look as good at her age….

  3. She talked herself into the product. Oh well. She should stick to being the annoying product pusher she is.

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