Iron Man Inflatable Cheer Chair on The View

Here’s a product so new there isn’t even an commercial for it yet. The Marvel Inflatable Cheer Chairs will be seen on TV for the first time on the Memorial Day (May 31) episode of ABC’s The View. These inflatable talking chairs feature the Marvel Super Hero Squad and Iron Man in full color and speak the heroes’ catch phrases at the touch of a button. Made of durable vinyl, these chairs are perfect for watching TV, playing video games or just being surrounded by these hugely popular super heroes. Each chair comes with FREE Upper Deck Marvel Super Hero Squad or Iron Man 2 collectible trading cards as well as a foot pump for easy set up. And if you can get tickets for The View’s studio audience, rumor has it that all audience members will be getting a free chair!

Iron Man 2 Inflatable Chair

6 thoughts on “Iron Man Inflatable Cheer Chair on The View

  1. I got a letter in the mail because i was on the view and the amount of prices that we got has to get factored in to my income tax. But I haven’t yet recieved my chair.

  2. Hi Sherry, our blog is only linking to these chairs. We are not the seller. However, it is normal, if not convenient, that As Seen on TV products take several weeks to arrive. I’m don’t know why, and I’m not trying to justify it, but it’s just the way it’s always been. Hope you enjoy your chairs when they arrive.

  3. Ordered two chairs for my grandsons and found it hard to believe that it takes weeks and weeks for them to arrive for the birthday of June 16. Why so long? You advertise, you surely must have the product on board…yes???

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