Gel Perfect Nail Color – New Product Tuesday

Gel Perfect Nail Color“Oh, smudge!” “Gosh ding it!” “Aw, sheet!” These are the expletives of unhappy women who have smeared, smudged or dinged their conventional nail polish. I can sympathize. Even though I’m a guy, I confess that I’m also a creative/musician type who has indulged in fingernail polish more than once in my life. I never had the patience to let it dry. I always ruined one or more nails and had to remove and apply over and over again. The frustration (combined with a mixed reception from the women I was hitting on) convinced me to abandon nail color forever.

Now there’s Gel Perfect, a patented nail color technology that sets rock solid at home in only five minutes, without UV or LED light. Gel Perfect applies just as easily as regular nail polish, provides a lasting, hardened and protective patent leather shine, and removes easily in just two minutes. Everything you need is in the box. Choose from 30 fun, fabulous and fashionable colors. As low as $10 each when you order two or more.

Stop swearing and start wearing beautiful nail color.

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