Forever Comfy – New Product Tuesday

Forever Comfy Combination Gel/Foam Seat CushionForever Comfy is a seat cushion with a gel-filled core that claims to provide superior comfort for your back and bottom. Everyone knows that sitting too long can leave you with an aching lower back. A recent study even suggests that sitting too much can shave years off your life. The problem is, many of us have jobs that require many hours of parking our butt in an office chair or a seat in a car, truck, bus or plane.

Forever Comfy can lessen the discomfort of extended sitting by providing a supple layer of support between your posterior and the hard, poorly cushioned surfaces on which you’re parking it. It’s called a combination cushion due to its gel-filled core surrounded by high-density foam. Add the included faux sheepskin cover and you’ve got a lightweight, portable and washable cushion designed to  provide soothing comfort for every minute of every hour of every day you spend as a chair jockey.

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