Edge of Glory Knife Sharpener – New Product Tuesday

Edge of Glory Knife SharpenerThe Edge of Glory Knife Sharpener is not the newest product on our website. But this morning when I noticed it on our homepage, I wondered if naming it after a Lady Gaga song has really increased sales of this otherwise unremarkable product. I’m fairly certain that no one will mistake Anthony Sullivan for Gaga, especially since he’s not singing, dancing or disrobing. Nor do I think the song’s lyrics are about a woman try to pick up a pitchman who will come back to her place and sharpen her cutlery.

I’m sure Edge of Glory is a fine knife sharpener, although it appears to be functionally identical to the Samurai Pro pitched by celebrity chef Robert Irvine.  Sharpening a credit card into a knife is a pretty cool demo, though. If you’d like living on the edge, here’s where to order Edge of Glory.

One thought on “Edge of Glory Knife Sharpener – New Product Tuesday

  1. The edge is less likely to bend, so it will stay sharper for longer.
    I think this kit is really awesome for any type of cook
    and families that are looking for a really solid block.
    Perhaps, two people work together in the kitchen, so you need duplicates of certain knives.

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