Buy PitchMen-approved products at the Sully Store

Sully Store
Anthony Sullivan’s Sully Store

Anthony “Sully” Sullivan, star of Discovery Channel’s hit TV reality show PitchMen, has launched the Sully Store, a new webstore featuring products that are “Sully Approved.” According to the website,

“Anthony Sullivan approves only the highest quality, innovative and value-added products available today. Look for the Sully Approved logo to know you are getting the best possible product at the best price.

The Sully Store bills itself as “Your source for the best and most innovative As Seen on TV Products. Offers available at the Sully Store include Cold Fire, Ba’Noodle, Omni DualSaw EZStringer, Fridge Locker, Grill Glove, HexLight, Jupiter Jack, Mighty Thirsty, ShaveMate, Smart Mop and the Tater Tornado. Look for more products to follow.

3 thoughts on “Buy PitchMen-approved products at the Sully Store

  1. I saw a frisbee type fishing disk on a resent show what is this products name and can it be purchased

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