Billy Mays Disses Vince Offer, Calls Him a One-Hit Wonder

Pitchman Billy Mays is a native of McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania and he’s back in the Pittsburgh area this week visiting family. The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review took this opportunity to interview their homeboy in today’s edition. Not too much new here, but there were a few nuggets of interesting info.

Billy does dye his trademark beard to hide the gray, as the natural salt-and-pepper appearance “looks kind of weird on television.” His Discovery channel show, “Pitchman: Gadgets to Glory,” will premiere in the spring.

Now, for the kicker, when asked about Vince Offer of ShamWow fame, Billy opines: “Please. He’s a one-hit wonder. He took a shot at the title but can’t compete.” If Billy thinks Vince can’t repeat his success, we guess hasn’t seen Slap Chop yet. Can’t wait to see if Vince responds. Let the pitchman smackdown begin!

21 thoughts on “Billy Mays Disses Vince Offer, Calls Him a One-Hit Wonder

  1. Both are very talented. Vince has his eyes set on something else. The Underground Comedy Movie, while not the greatest movie ever made, still had its moments and showed Vince’s talents and passion for comedy and entertainment. I think we will be seeing Vince sometime soon

  2. The scuzzier, the better! Vince, with his gel-spiked hair and hilarious headset is gratingly more engaging than any “serious” hucksters I’ve ever watched. If there was a dedicated Offer Schlomi channel on cable, I’d watch it 24/7, just to study this master’s disdainful regard for ridiculous humankind.

  3. Vince Offer has stated that this isn’t his career and that he doesn’t care if Billy Mays is the king of pitchmen or not. I have a feeling we probably won’t be seeing any new infomercials from Vince since he owns the Slap Chop and the ShamWow; he isn’t just pitching for someone else. He has said that he has rejected offers to pitch for others. Unless he comes up with something new, I doubt we’ll see another infomercial.

  4. I have known Vince for 10 years, and I have known Billy just as long. If Billy thinks this is just luck on Vince’s behalf – he doesn’t know Vince. Vince may look like he is a one hit wonder, but he is one of the best pitch men I know. Not to say that Billy isn’t also. But, they came in all shapes and sizes…so move over a little bit Billy…cause he’s movin in.

  5. vince is the man that slap chop thing with the quote your goin to love my nuts to funny..Billy is old news and needs to go get somemore just for men

  6. These guys are living proof that there are countless morons out there just itching to send their hard earned cash for the dreck they pitch. But they have a very long way to go to be compared to the master, Ron Popeil.

  7. underground comedy movie has some funny moments.. mostly it just needed better writing, vince could still be a comedy god, but for now I’d just like a new INFOMERCIAL

  8. I think I’d like Billy if he didn’t SHOUT AT ME THE WHOLE TIME HE’S TALKING! – Vince is more of a young gun trying to make his mark – there’s always room, and competition will make Billy work even harder.

  9. Ummm… hey, “Savvy Shopper”, going by your logic then drug dealers, hitmen and some prostitutes also deserve my ‘respect’ since they make more money than I do.

  10. Vince WILL be the next Adam Sandler… This guy is a natural.. Billy Mays doesn’t have to worry….This kid ain’t gonna be hawking TV garbage much longer…

  11. Vince Offer is great!!! I watch his commercials just for the pure pleasure of being entertained. Someone needs to sigh this guy and market him in movies. He’s a natural commedienne and would be a natural in a spy spoof movie. This guy is way over the top when compared to Billy Mays. Billy Mays voice irritates me and I can’t stand his commercials. I can’t say enough about Vince Offers ability to entertain.

  12. Vince Offer had me with the no-look over-the-shoulder toss of the supermarket chopper into the sink several feet behind him. No way Mays competes with that!

  13. Vince is brilliant…pure Carny pitchman perfection. He is great at what he does, and (oddly) really entertaining to watch. Billy Mays could learn something from watching this guy.

  14. dim, you are obviously not involved in advertising or marketing. These guys are real pros in their field. You may be laughing hysterically at their extreme corniness, but their bank account balances probably have more zeros than yours or mine. These are smart people who may not deserve a Nobel prize, but maybe an iota of your grudging respect? 🙂

  15. The fact that we bother to give either of these guys any credence beyond just laughing hysterically at how corny they are while they flail around trying to sell us their snake oil… shamWoW, it’s really sad.

  16. I think Vince has him beat. I change the channel without fail when I hear Billy Mays’ voice, and always have. But I keep catching myself watching Shamwow and now Slap Chop all the way through. One hit wonder my ass.

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