Billy Mays: Behind the Scenes at a Commercial Shoot

Thanks to FOX 13 in Tampa Bay for taking us behind the scenes as Anthony Sullivan produces a new commercial starring Billy Mays. Here’s a segment that ran on the Fox 13 6 pm news a few days back. In this interview, Billy talks about assuming his pitchman persona as he prepares for the camera to roll:
“Whatever product I’m selling, it’s like putting on Superman’s cape,” he says. “I become Billy Mays, the ultimate pitchman. And that’s who I am. And I’m proud to be that.”
Billy also claims that the more he yells over the course of a day, the stronger his voice gets. Must come from the years he spent pitching portable washing machines on Boardwalk in Atlantic City.

Lots more Billy on our Top Ten Billy Mays Commercials page.

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