Be an As Seen on TV Product Tester

Have you heard? is offering you the chance to become a product tester. Throughout the month, the team will select one or more products for you test and keep free of charge. Register for the Product Tester program and have the opportunity to become an official product tester, plus receive free shipping on your next order with

To participate, you need to complete a simple questionnaire that is sent with each free product. Your valuable insight will help determine the market potential for these products. A one-time registration fee of $3.99 is all it takes to get started. After you register, you’ll receive an email with your promotion code good for free shipping on your next order from

(This program has been discontinued.)

6 thoughts on “Be an As Seen on TV Product Tester

  1. I have beeen a Product Tester for nearly two years with As Seen On But, I received only one product out of two years, so I write them and ask them why I have not received and products. Well, this is the answer that I received from Tracy. If this is true. I advise you not to pay for a lie and false advertising. You will receive only one Product, and no more.

    It’s a one time only shipment.


  2. jrae, that’s the 3 digit code on the back of your credit card to the right of your signature. It’s a security feature to make sure no one but you is using your credit card number.

  3. Janet, just click above where it says “Apply now to become an Official Product Tester”, and you’ll be taken the site where you can complete the application and get started.

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