Battle of the Pancake Pans

Flip Jack Pancake PanPerfect Pancake PanDue to the irresistible urge to buy everything you see advertised on TV, you absolutely must have a non-stick folding pancake pan. Who doesn’t love flapjacks smothered in gooey maple-flavored syrup? Undoubtedly due to some dastardly industrial espionage, two such pans have hit the market in quick succession, Perfect Pancake and Flip Jack.

Perfect Pancake makes four cute little pancakes at once. Flip Jack makes one larger pancake, and is covered with the same non-stick coating as the very successful Orgreenic frying pan. Does size matter? Both pans claim to make perfect pancakes without butter or oil, so it looks like size is your main decision factor in choosing between these two pans.

Visit the official websites for Perfect Pancake and Flip Jack by Orgreenic for more info. Maybe you need both!

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