Bit 360 Screwdriver

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Bit 360 Screwdriver

Bit 360 is the revolutionary 6-in-1 screwdriver where all you do is slide, twist and lock the right bit for the perfect fit every time. Change from a Phillips to flat head in an instant. With conventional screwdrivers, you need six different tools for six different screws. Bit 360 handles them all with one tool.

The secret is the quick change chamber, that revolves 360º with each bit securely inside. Just pull to remove the current bit, twist to change to the bit you want, then push to load and lock. And Bit 360 is magnetized so the screw stays securely on the bit without falling.

Bit 360 comes with 6 bits to fit virtually any screw. Or load your own bits to get a grip on any job around the house, workshop, garage or work site. No more losing or misplacing bits. Everything stays contain in one handy, handheld tool.


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