Billy Mays, Backwards & in Reverse

In a world where crushed M&Ms become whole and people walk backwards gracefully, Billy Mays is known by millions as Syam Yllib, He Who Balks Tackwards. This is the YouTube world of Alex Connery, who has given us a gift of hundreds of commercials and clips that are reversed to run backwards. Exactly why he’s created these turned-around videos is a mystery, but he’s obviously taken a lot of time and care to create this huge collection, so why not enjoy some?

Billy Mays Impact Gel in reverse is replete with shots of people moon-walking backwards. You’ll be struck by how much Billy’s voice sounds like a Swedish pitchman. Or should we say ″Pitch människa″? If you don’t recall what it sounded like originally, you can check it out on our Top 20 Billy Mays Commercials page.

Billy Mays Mighty Shine in reverse  captions automatically default to Russian while we watch beautiful, shiny jewelry and flatware lowered into the Mighty Shine solution. Rust, stains and tarnish bloom magically upon their surfaces. If you were ever curious about what a Soviet Billy Mays would have sounded like, wonder no more.

Ah, if we could only make time run backwards in real life… we could still hear that magic phrase “Hi, Billy Mays here!” when we turned on our TVs. Rest in peace, Syam Yllib.

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