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Better Strainer

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Better Strainer

Marc Gill is back with the Better Strainer, the compact strainer that does a big job. Now you can strain and drain all kinds of pastas, vegetables, even ground beef, fast and easy from almost any size pot, pan, skillet or bowl– even big crock pots. Then store the Better Strainer away in just a few inches of space. Who needs a bulky colander?

Better Strainer fits all your pots and pans.

Better Strainer conveniently flexes to fit all different sizes of pots, pans, bowls and more. Its unique design locks tight in a snap to ensure a safe and steady pour every time. It holds so strongly that not even 5 pounds of potatoes is a match for Better Strainer. Amazingly, it comes right off with a touch of a finger, and stores in less space than an oven mitt for easy storage in any cabinet or drawer.

And Better Strainer is non-stick, so delicate foods won’t tear or break apart. Now you can drain pasta and then add ingredients right in the pan. You’ll make delicious mac and cheese with ease, without the extra cleanup.

Use Better Strainer to drain grease from cooked meats, water from mixed vegetables, or excess juice from fruit salad. And it’s dishwasher safe. Better Strainer is the one compact strainer that fits virtually all of your pots and pans, then easily stores away. It’s a true space saver. Order your Better Strainer today!


2 thoughts on “Better Strainer

  1. I received a Better Strainer as a gift. The first time I went to use it it fell and broke. I cannot find any store in my area that carries this product to return it. Can I return it to you?

    1. Hi Eileen, unfortunately you cannot return it to us because we don’t make or sell this product. Our website just streams TV commercials and we don’t sell anything. Wish we could help!

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