Better Brella

Better Brella – The New Improved Umbrella

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Better Brella – The New Improved Umbrella

Here’s Better Brella, the ingenious new umbrella with reverse open/close technology. There’s no easier way to get in from the rain. You’ll always stay dry, with no puddles inside. The secret? Better Brella opens and closes differently from other umbrellas, so you can get in and out of any door, even car doors, without getting wet. When you close it, it forms a waterproof cone so all the wetness stays inside — not on your floor.

The traditional umbrella has been redesigned and improved.

This is a smart redesign of the traditional umbrella, turned upside down and inside out, making it easier to use and much more practical. Better Brella was tested against a standard umbrella in a 24 MPH wind speed test. The standard umbrella crimpled in the wind, while Better Brella help up long and strong. So forget those cheap umbrellas. No more worries about wind with Better Brella.

Standard umbrellas can sell for more than $40, and one that’s windproof is over $50. But today you can get Better Brella for just $29.99. Order now and get an instant upgrade to the special ergonomic handle. The Soft Comfort Grip molds perfectly to any hand and makes it easier to hold. Yours free! Guaranteed to be the last umbrella you’ll ever own or your money back.


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