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Better Bladder Supplement

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Better Bladder Supplement

Do you need Better Bladder to help support healthy bladder strength and function? Answer these questions:

  • Does your life revolve around frequent trips to the bathroom?
  • Are embarrassing leaks interfering with your life?
  • Are you afraid that a sudden cough or sneeze will cause an accident?
  • Is your bladder out of control?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re likely one of the 33 million men and women suffering from the symptoms of a weak or unpredictable bladder. Until now, you had only three choices to treat your bladder symptoms:

  • Take prescription drugs with unpleasant side effects
  • Endure painful surgery
  • Wear bulky and inconvenient adult diapers

The new option is Better Bladder, a doctor-developed natural formula to help control bladder symptoms. in a placebo-controlled clinical study:

  • 86% saw a reduction in the urge to go
  • 84% made fewer trips to the bathroom during the night
  • 90% went fewer times during the day
  • 94% saw a reduction in dreaded leaks and accidents

Best of all, many saw results in as little as two weeks. Better Bladder is a patented combination of natural herbal ingredients in an easy to swallow capsule, show to reduce the symptoms of an unpredictable bladder with no harmful side effects. It contains:

  • Creteva Nurvala to support the bladder muscle
  • Horsetail to help improve the tone of the bladder wall
  • Lindera, a powerful antioxidant to promote overall bladder health

These ingredients work together to give you greater control over when and how often you need to go to the bathroom. Better Bladder is manufactured by trusted Thera Botanics in an FDA compliant factory in the USA.

What would it be worth to you to regain the confidence and peace of mind that comes with a bladder under your control? Try Better Bladder for 30 days. Just pay shipping. You’ll also receive $60 in free gifts.

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