The Best Beers to Pair With Girl Scout Cookies

Just in time for Girl Scout cookie season, has compiled this handy guide for pairing beers with America’s favorite charitable treats from beer experts around the Web.


The toasted coconut, caramel and chocolate packed into this biscuit go well with a couple different brews. Brooklyn Brew Shop recommends the Coconut Porter from Maui Brewing Co. Central Track recommends a heavy ale of around 8.5 percent ABV, such as Dirty Bastard by Founders Brewing.

Thin Mints

These chocolate/mint biscuits scream for a darker accompaniment. The Beer Chicks suggest a Hitachino Nest Espresso Stout. Central Track recommends a strong imperial stout like Great Divide’s Yeti. Brooklyn Brew Shop recommends the Mint Chocolate Porter from Bootlegger’s Brewery.


The Beer Chicks recommend adding banana flavor to the peanut-butter mix of these cookies with the Banana Bread Beer from UK brewer Wells & Young. Central Track suggests the Belgian Golden Ale from Belgian brewer Duvel. Brooklyn Brew Shop recommends its own home-brew recipe for a Peanut Butter Porter.

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