Bed Renu Custom Sleep Support System

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Bed Renu Custom Sleep Support System

Bed Renu is the custom sleep support system that can restore your old mattress to better than new. Simply slide the patent-pending Bed Renu between your mattress and box spring. Give it a few pumps and dents and depressions vanish, making your old mattress better than new.

As your mattress ages, it can start to sag and lose the support you need. Gaps between you and your bed can create pressure points leading to pain and discomfort. Bed Renu has a patent-pending design that smooths your old mattress and conforms to your shape, providing customized total body support. Get the most comfortable night’s sleep you’ve ever had in your own bed. Bed Renu provides support where you need it. It’s amazing.

You might like a soft mattress, while your sleeping partner likes it firm. Now each sleeper can customize their support. Bed Renu is the amazing dream sleep system that turns any mattress into a customized support bed. Place it at the top of the bed and sleep in an elevated position to reduce acid reflux snoring and more. Place it at your feet and it lifts your legs and lower body to reduce lower back pressure and swollen feet.

Stop thinking about buying a new mattress for $1000 or more when you can make your existing mattress better than new with Bed Renu. It’s tough and durable, proudly made in the USA, and comes with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty.


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