BattleVision HD Polarized Sunglasses

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BattleVision HD Polarized Sunglasses

BattleVision by Atomic Beam gives you crystal clear vision when it matters most. The hi-tech HD polarized lenses help you see objects the naked eye can’t detect. That’s why soldiers depend on clear vision like you get with BattleVision. They eliminate glare, enhance color and provide UV protection for a clarity you won’t get anywhere else.

These are no ordinary sunglasses.

You can bend and twist them and the frames snap back just like new. BattleVision is built atomic tough. The secret is the shape memory polymer that delivers unmatched flexibility.

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For motorcycles, these glasses are a must. For hunting, fishing and target practice, you can battle through the glare and see with sharp clarity. Similar sunglasses can cost hundreds, but you can order Battle Vision for only $19.99, with a free protective carrying case, lifetime guarantee and free shipping. Get a second set when you pay a separate fee.

$19.99 FREE Shipping


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