Battle Visor

Battle Visor – Perfect vision for driving

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Battle Visor – Perfect vision for driving

Introducing the Battle Visor. When the sun is blinding, putting down your visor only block your view. That can be dangerous. Battle Visor blocks the harsh glaring sun and keeps you safe on the road. Just pull it down to see the road in crystal clear high definition. From dawn till dusk, the sun won’t distract you from focusing on what’s most important — the safety of you and others.

Perfect vision for safer driving.

The secret is Battle Visor’s Atomic Clarification Technology that blocks blue rays and cuts harsh glare, so you can safely see everything on the road ahead. Things you couldn’t see are now suddenly visible, and that could make the difference between life and death. It works on all vehicles, big or small, and installs in a second. No tools, no fuss. Just perfect vision every time you hit the road. And it’s made in the USA. Built tough to last for years, guaranteed.


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