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Battery Daddy Storage System

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Battery Daddy Storage System

The Battery Daddy Storage System is the new compact and portable way to organize, store and protect all your batteries. Battery Daddy uses both sides of the case to store all type of different batteries, even coin size. The unique design groups them for easy selection. You could even find the battery you’re looking for while wearing a blindfold.

Best of all,  it stores 180 batteries in a see-through case that’s about the size of a laptop. Fits easily in a cabinet, drawer or on a shelf. Forget flimsy bags or messy containers, when Battery Daddy keeps your batteries organized — guaranteed.

The carrying handle lets you bring it anywhere. Use it during power outages and never go searching in the dark. Select the right battery for kids toys in an instant. Loose batteries can touch contacts and drain power. But not with Battery Daddy. They stay fully charged and protected in their own compartment.

Keep one in the house and one in the office, boat or RV to organize, store and protect all your batteries. The clear locking lid lets you see everything at a glance. Buy Battery Daddy now for only $19.99 plus S&H and you’ll get a free built-in battery tester, so you’ll instantly know which batteries are bad or good — saving you time and money.

$19.99 plus $7.99 S&H


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