BambooMagic Pillow

BambooMagic Pillow

The BambooMagic Pillow is uniquely designed to provide comfort, contour and coolness for a great night sleep every night. BambooMagic is 3 pillows in 1, and is perfect for side sleepers, stomach sleepers and even back sleepers. In fact, it’s perfect for all types of sleepers.

Ordinary foam and feather pillows lose their shape and support quickly. Memory foam block pillows can be too firm and unforgiving. But BambooMagic’s 3 layered system is designed with a soft outer shell made with bamboo fiber, an memory foam liner for added support, plus it’s filled with memory foam chips that conform to your head and neck and give your spine the proper support it needs.

Ordinary pillows trap in heat, leaving you restless and uncomfortable. But BambooMagic’s design eliminates heat to keep you cool and comfortable all night long. It combines two types of bamboo fiber to make one of the softest fabrics in the world. Soft on the outside yet firm on the inside, BambooMagic could be the most comfortable pillow you’ve ever owned.

Ordinary pillows can be a breeding ground for mold and dust mites, but the BambooMagic Pillow is hypoallergenic. Perfect for people with allergies or sensitive skin. BambooMagic is machine washable and will maintain its shape no matter how many times you wash it.

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    1. We’re not the seller of this product. Customer service information is in the reply to another comment on this page.

  1. I like the honesty and oddball details in your review, haha. I’m kinda strange with my pillows – I’ve had my current one about 4 years now because I’ve never found another that matches it’s particular feel.
    I highly dislike memory foam pillows because I like a different level of firmness every night. This causes me to bunch my pillow sometimes so all the filling is towards the middle and feels firmer, or fluff it and let the filling spread out with the weight of my head to feel softer. Generally, I don’t mind if the filling feels lumpy as long as they aren’t the hard lumps like you get after washing and drying most pillows a few times (which I haven’t done with this one since I use a zipped dust case plus pillow case)
    So, that being said, how would you describe the lumps? Can’t say I’ve ever felt lumpy flour… but I’d assume it’s softer than the traditional cheap and crappy lumpy pillow, right? And does it seem to smooth out at all with the weight of your head or does it remain lumpy? Do you think after using it for a while it might be good for someone who likes forming their pillow a little differently every night?

  2. I need to get one of these! I toss and turn trying to keep my neck from hurting, and have to keep readjusting my pillow! I like that it fits for your head and keeps you cool.

    1. Our site streams TV commercial. We don’t sell anything. You’ll need to contact the seller directly.

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