Balloon Bonanza

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Balloon Bonanza

Balloon Bonanza is the new way to fill and seal 40 water balloons in just seconds, and they automatically tie themselves. So making water balloons for your family and friends is now super-duper freaky fast and easy. Just attach Balloon Bonanza to any hose, turn on the water, and watch the balloons grow and grow. In just seconds, you have 40 water balloons, already tied and ready to fly. No more filling, spilling and twist-tying for hours.

The secret is the rapid-cylinder system that fills 40 balloons at once. As they slide down, aqua-sealing technology ties them tight. So they’re immediately ready for flight. Balloon Bonanza comes ready to go. No assembly required. And you can use it over and over again. Compact design to go anywhere. Fits in your pocket so you can bring the fun to everyone.


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          1. I don’t think so, but if you need more info you should click the link to order and contact their customer service department.

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