Ball Pets Plush Toys

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Ball Pets Plush Toys

Ball Pets are roly-poly plush balls with a secret pet inside. Each Ball Pet pops open to reveal a plush pal – Sunny the Puppy, Berry Blue Kitty, Puffy the Purple Bear, Pinky the Unicorn, Red Rover Puppy or Jolly Green Dragon. Yellow, pink, red and blue – each with a matching pet inside too!

Ball Pets come from outer space with a special secret. Closed, Ball Pets are ready to roll— endless fun! Then open Ball Pets to uncover your pet. Sunny The Puppy is filled with energy and fun. Berry Blue Kitty is not shy to jump around and roll around! Jolly Green Dragon is not afraid to show off his wings— but be careful he tends to bounce high. Ball Pets encourage kids to engage in active play. Great for indoor and outdoor fun. Order now, and collect them all!


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