BackBridge Back Pain Solution

BackBridge Back Pain Solution

BackBridge™ is the amazing 2-minute solution to relieve back pain. Back pain sends more patients to the doctor than anything but the common cold. With BackBridge you can stop the pain and start living your life. The patented design allows you to easily and safely restore core balance to the entire spine from the bottom up to the neck, relieving your pain without pills, giant expensive contraptions or back braces.

BackBridge by Dr. Todd Sinett is the therapeutic device that treats the root cause of back pain, not just the symptoms. And it’s easy to use. Simply relax and lay back on BackBridge for 2 minutes twice a day and get relief while returning vitality to your life. Using BackBridge, you’ll not only feel better, but look better and stand taller.

Stop back pain and start living your life.

The secret is BackBridge’s breakthough Arch Bridge design that correct core imbalance by decompressing the spine. You improve flexibility and release unwanted pressure, relieving back, neck and shoulder pain. When you get up from using BackBridge, you feel renewed and virtually pain-free.

The four adjustable, stackable tiers provide varying levels to increase intensity and functionality based on your unique flexibility. BackBridge is made of luxurious high-density foam, providing complete comfort and support. And it can also be used to perform simple therapeutic exercises at home to strengthen and stabilize the back.

“Based upon my years of experience as a chiropractor, I would absolutely recommend that patients use BackBridge™ as support for their health.”

— Steve Diamant

So what is the cost of pain relief?

The average person with back pain spends a staggering $6,000 a year on medical care. But you don’t need to spend thousands to get relief. BackBridge is the affordable and portable solution for back pain that you can use at home, in the car or at the office.

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