Axe Body Spray’s World-Peace Super Bowl Ad

“Make love, not war.”

For its brilliant and even heartwarming Super Bowl XLVIII ad, Axe body spray brings back that crusty but enduring 1960s chestnut: “Make love, not war.”

Axe, known for targeting hormone-crazy teens and twentysomethings with commercials showing how a spritzing of the body spray magically causes gorgeous women to throw themselves at young men, has taken a radically different tact for its 2014 Super Bowl spot.

The ad shows various despots and tyrannical forces around the world during a typical day of war or totalitarian rule. “In a world filled with war,” says a voice-over, “sometimes the most powerful weapon is love.” At the moment of high drama, each story takes a surprise turn, from tyranny and terror to…love.

“Young people care deeply about the future.”

“Young people care deeply about the future,” a spokesman for Axe maker Unilever said. “This generation is socially conscious and more digitally connected than ever. Axe is tapping into this to start a conversation, inspire people to unite globally, and raise awareness about the power of peace in a way only Axe can do.”

Unilever created the spot in conjunction with the nonprofit Peace One Day.

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