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Shower Wow and Star Shower – New Product Tuesday

Star Shower and Shower WowIt’s been quite a while since we abandoned the regular feature we called New Product Tuesday, but we’re bringing it back today to highlight two newly added products: Shower Wow and Star Shower. With the word Shower in both product names, what is it these two products have in common? The common attribute has nothing to do with plumbing — it’s light. Continue reading

Magic Mesh Screen Door is New and Improved

Magic Mesh is by far the most popular As Seen on TV product we’ve ever featured on our website. It’s a hands-free magnetic screen door with an open seam in the middle that you can walk right through. The powerful magnets on either side of the seam make Magic Mesh snap closed behind you. Over six million have been sold since it was introduced back in 2011.

Now, Magic Mesh is back, and it’s new and improved. The 18 magnets that keep it closed are 30% more powerful. The screen material has also been upgraded to be stronger and more durable, so you can use Magic Mesh year after year. Fits regular doors, sliding patio doors, even RVs. Perfect for entertaining, because you can walk right through while carrying heavy platters of food or full pitchers of beverages. Continue reading

Which Workout Are You? Our Quiz Now Has its Own Website!

Which Workout Are You?

Introducing Our fitness quiz now has its own website! With so many options, it’s hard to choose the right home workout program. Do you want to lose weight, build muscles, sculpt six-pack abs, lift your butt, or just do an overall tighten and tone? Are you just getting started and don’t want a program that’s too strenuous? Or are you a seasoned athlete and want to make sure you’ll be challenged by your workout regimen? Continue reading

Bowflex TreadClimber Big Holiday Savings

Bowflex TreadClimber 2014 Holiday SavingsThe holidays are coming. What comes after the holidays? Resolution season. The Bowflex® TreadClimber® is the perfect gift for you or a loved one who wants to lose weight and get in shape. And this is the best time to buy, as you’ll save hundreds and get free shipping and a free mat. Why TreadClimber?

Continue reading

New PC Matic Commercial with Randy White, New Lifetime Protection Plan

In this new TV spot, PC Matic CEO Rob Cheng turns over pitchman duty to legendary NFL Super Bowl MVP Randy White. The former Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle retired from football over 25 years ago. Americans under 40 don’t know him. That means customers for PC anti-virus/security software must be mostly boomers and seniors. Seems about right, since younger people do most of their computing on smartphones, tablets and MacBooks, not Windows laptops and desktops. I must admit Randy does a great job, bringing a lot of enthusiasm to this pitch. First, he covers PC Matic basics— Continue reading

PC Matic Sets New Record in Virus Dectection Competition

We just heard the news that PC Matic achieved the best proactive score ever on Virus Bulletin’s RAP test. This result is independent proof that PC Matic detects and removes more threats to your Windows computer, keeping your safer and better protected.

PC Matic’s 92.8% sets a new record for virus detection on the Virus Bulletin RAP test.

– Rob Cheng, PC Matic CEO

PC Matic, developed and supported in the USA, beat all its foreign competition, independent proof that PC Matic provides the best defense against modern viruses. Find out more at

Wall Street Journal Wonders if “The Wonder Years” Will Be a Big Hit on DVD

The  Wonder Years complete TV series is now available on DVD from Time Life, and The Wall Street Journal wonders if fans of the 80s show will shell out big bucks to own the complete series on DVD. Continue reading

New PC Matic TV Commercial Features Real Customer Reviews

Problems with your Windows laptop or desktop computer, including Windows XP? PC Matic’s new TV commercial features real users and their uncompensated reviews and testimonials about the popular computer security suite. Continue reading

Premier Shade Trees – New Product Tuesday

Why not beautify your yard with beautiful shade trees? Renowned American poet Joyce Kilmer famously penned, “I think that I shall never see / A poem lovely as a tree, ” and you can’t plant poems in your yard anyway.

This As Seen on TV Shade Tree offer gets you four different hardy trees that will grow almost anywhere you live in these United States: Red Maple, Sugar Maple, Pin Oak and Tulip Poplar. Continue reading