Atomic Charge Wallet

Atomic Charge Wallet

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Atomic Charge Wallet

What two items do you always have with you? Your phone and your wallet. Now they go even better together with the Atomic Charge Wallet. It’s the best wallet you’ll ever own. And guess what? It will even charge your phone. That’s right. The next time your phone starts to die at the worst possible moment, simply plug your Atomic Charge Wallet into your phone, instantly doubling its life. But that’s just the beginning.

Charges your phone, yet slips easily into your pocket.

This is no ordinary wallet. It has a rugged aluminum casing that can withstand shocks and drops and keep its contents safe and undamaged. Yet it’s so light, it floats away when you tie it to a balloon. Atomic Charge Wallet features an accordion design that easily holds your cash, credit cards, pictures and license and more. Yet it’s so slim it can slip easily into a purse or pocket.

Powerful RFID-blocking technology.

Here’s the best part. Every Atomic Charge wallet is lined with the latest RFID-blocking technology. Powerful point-of-sale scanners can’t read the credit cards inside your wallet. But put that same card in a leather wallet and it’s completely unprotected.

So let’s review.

The Atomic Charge Wallet holds everything you own, yet it’s so slim it can slip easily into a purse or pocket. It protects your stuff from accidents and accidental electronic fees, and it can even charge your phone. Atomic Charge Wallet is perfect for men and women.


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