Atomic Beam USA Flashlight

Atomic Beam USA Flashlight

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Atomic Beam USA Flashlight

Atomic Beam USA is the ultra-bright, tough grade flashlight that features tactical technology used by U.S. Special Forces. Many regular flashlights have a feeble output of about 125 LUX, while Atomic Beam USA has to 5000 LUX — 40 times more. Drop it, soak it,  smash it with all your strenght, freeze it in a block of ice — even drop it in boiling oil and it keeps shining bright.

The strobe feature makes Atomic Beam USA a powerful defense tool to disorient attackers and protect yourself. It’s compact and lightweight, easy to take with you so you’re always ready whenever you might need it. In case of emergency, there’s an SOS setting. The beam shines for over 100 yards and there’s a 2000X zoom function.

You can depend on Atomic Beam USA. It can be seen from miles away, over land, sea or air, and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

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