Atomic Beam Glove

Atomic Beam Glove — Ultra-bright LED Flashlight Glove

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Atomic Beam Glove — Ultra-bright LED Flashlight Glove

Tired of straining to see up close? Ever need to see and keep both hands free? Now there’s the Atomic Beam Glove, from the makers of the Atomic Beam Flashlight. It’s the ultra-bright LED glove that puts two powerful flashlights in the palm of your hand. With this glove, you can have both hands free and enough light to see. The breathable silk-like fabric and adjustable strap combine for an always comfortable secure fit.

Bright light at your fingertips.

The on/off button provides instant bright light, and it stretches to fit anyone. Atomic Beam Glove is a must for working on computers and electronics. It’s perfect for fishing, and can even withstand being run over by a car. Keep one in the glovebox for extra light in the trunk or under the hood — anywhere you need it.

The Atomic Beam Glove brings bright light right to your fingertips. Use both hands while you’re working and have the light pinpointed right where you need it. Crafters absolutely love it. Perfect for threading needles or sewing by hand.


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