AromaTrim – The stinky hunk of plastic that fights food cravings – Infomercial Flashback Friday

AromaTrim was an insanely bizarre infomercial weight loss product from Forbes Riley, one of our favorite As Seen on TV personalities, pitched way back in 1996. Believe it or don’t, AromaTrim is a stinky hunk of plastic that you hold under your nose to make you lose your appetite for your favorite foods.

What does AromaTrim smell like? Limburger, vomit, poop, ammonia? Who knows? We guess you’d need to ask Forbes, because this product hasn’t been on the market for well over a decade. Apparently your $49.95 (?!) got you two stinky plastic blocks with distinctly different but equally awful scents, because different types of food need different stinks to make them repellent.

Read more about AromaTrim from the archives of  Infomercial Hell.

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