Amish Secret Wood Polish

Amish Secret Wood Polish

Amish Secret Wood Polish: furniture polish handmade in the USA that cleans, protects and brings dull wood back to life. With an innovative formula that honors the fine craftsmanship of the Amish woodworking tradition, Amish Secret cleans away layers of built-up wax, restoring the natural beauty of the wood with a long lasting shine.

Cleans, Polishes, Restores – Brings Dull Wood Furniture Back to Life!

Does your wood furniture look old and stained? Commercial furniture polishes leave a greasy film that attracts dirt and dust like a magnet. Stop destroying the finish of your wood furniture – Amish Secret leaves a clean shine that protects, with no oily residue. And that means less time cleaning and dusting for you!


Amish Secret’s Benefits:

  • Leaves no oily residue, just a rich, mellow glow – won’t collect dirt and dust.
  • Cleans and protects fine woods like cherry, oak, maple, walnut — even painted wood shines bright again.
  • Cuts through tough cooking grease build-up and smoke stains on kitchen cabinets in seconds.
  • Handmade in the USA in the tradition of the Amish heritage of fine craftsmanship.
  • Removes watermarks and stains, nourishes wood for a long-lasting shine.

Restore the natural beauty of your wooden furniture – order on Amazon today!

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  1. Is it possible to order the spray nozzle for the Amish secret hand made wood polish mine doesn’t work and I seen the product is not available at this time. I love this product and would love to reorder more when available but for now I really need the spray nozzle.
    Thank you,

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