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Air Dragon Portable Air Compressor

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Air Dragon Portable Air Compressor

Now there’s a better way to inflate everything. It’s the Air Dragon. Just plug it in a 12 volt outlet and harness the power of your vehicle to inflate anything, anytime, anywhere. If a tire is running low on air, Air Dragon can get you back on the road in seconds. The power is inside the piston, compressing the air faster and stronger to get the job done. Now you’ll never need to go to the gas station or use messy can inflators to keep your tires at the right pressure.

Air Dragon will save you time and money. And it’s so simple. Set the target PSI on the programmable digital display and pull the trigger. It stops automatically, so you always get the right amount of air for a safer, more enjoyable ride. It comes with a adapters so you can inflate anything. Makes household jobs a breeze, from mattresses to mini bikes. Deflated footballs can get you in a lot of trouble, but Air Dragon can keep you in the game by supplying the perfect PSI.

Hand Pumps are a pain. Air Dragon is the technology of the future. With its tough hardshell case, mechanics trust it and you won’t bust it. From two wheels to four wheels, the Air Dragon handles them all. When you’re done, the compact design lets you stow it anywhere. Deluxe model with built in LED light.

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  1. Notice as the “deflated​ footballs” reference was dropped, the man holding the item in question wore a jersey with the #12.
    Now THAT was funny.

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