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New Product Tuesday with Contour Core Sculpting System

Ken, my old building manager.
Ken, my old building manager.

Back in the nineties, your Savvy Shopper was a co-owner of a small creative firm that officed in a very old structure in an industrial (now trendy) area just north of downtown in our upper-midwestern municipality. This old and imposing city-block-size edifice was once a John Deere warehouse many, many long years ago. The building had suffered the indignity of many ill-planned modifications, but we so loved the high ceilings, sandblasted brick walls and exposed beams of our renovated second floor offices overlooking busy Presidential Avenue.

The photo on the right (at least the head) is of Ken, the building manager who came on board a few years into our tenancy. Ken is an interesting person with a storied past. We could relate many amusing anecdotes here, but it’s just not our style.

Anyway, imagine our surprise when Ken popped up in this video for the Contour Core Sculpting System, where you strap an electric belt around your bulging midsection, then watch TV and eat bon bons while passively sculpting abs of steel. Turns out he’s part of the team behind this product.

It truly is a small world.