ThingCHARGER Cordless Wall Charger

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ThingCHARGER Cordless Wall Charger

Introducing ThingCHARGER. What if you could unplug all your messy old chargers and get a new charger for all your things? One that’s almost invisible. ThingCHARGER plugs into your existing wall outlet and leaves the existing outlets free to use, while your phone or tablet charges on top, cord-free.

ThingCHARGER comes with easy-to-change power tips that swap in seconds so you can charge phones and tablets from Apple, Samsung and all other brands. The adapters adjust for height so they’ll work even when your phone or tablet is in its protective case. The power tips store neatly in the back, so you’re always ready to charge any phone, any tablet, any e-reader.

There are also two USB charging ports on the bottom, in case you ever need them. Combine two or three ThingCHARGERs and charge all your things at once. Order ThingCHARGER online now.


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