Spray Perfect Nail Polish

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Spray Perfect Nail Polish

With Spray Perfect, perfectly polished nails are just a spray away. This spray-on nail polish gives you perfect, polished, salon-looking nails without stressing the details. Spray Perfect gives you instant, gorgeous, all-over color in seconds. It’s the world’s fastest manicure. No mess— the extra polish washes right off your skin with water.

The secret is Spray Perfect’s Smart Polish formula that only sticks to nails, and easily washes off your skin with water. And unlike bottle polish that tips, drips and takes forever to put on, Spray Perfect gives you smooth, easy, complete coverage in seconds.

No smudging. No dripping. Just perfect, dazzling nails. Spray Perfect stays on your nails, stays off your skin, and the color is fantastic. Dries in under a minute, and safe for all ages. Chip and crack resistant. Great for toenails too.


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