Rodent Sheriff

Rodent Sheriff Natural Pest Repellent

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Rodent Sheriff Natural Pest Repellent

Rodent Sheriff is the new natural liquid rodent repellent you just spray to keep pests away. The liquid time release formula extracted from the peppermint plant naturally works to repel critters. The fresh mint aroma smells great, but it’s a smell rodents hate — raccoons, mice, roaches and more. With a shot of Rodent Sheriff, they’re headed for the door. Watch the video and see how raccoons and mice stay away from food protected by rodent sheriff.

Inside your home, spray Rodent Sheriff around entryways, attics, basements and trash bins to repel pests. Outside, spray around the patio, garage, garbage can, shed, outdoor grills and other places pests hang out.

Rodent Sheriff repels pests without hurting them.

Rodent Sheriff repels pests without hurting them with toxic pesticides. You may love nature’s little critters, but not in your house. Rodent Sheriff keeps them all away. Lay down the law with crawling critters and unwanted pests. One bottle is good for 1000 sprays.


2 thoughts on “Rodent Sheriff Natural Pest Repellent

  1. To the Company that makes rodent sheriff, is your product non toxic enough for people to wear and act as a repelant for mosquitos and other pest that may bite if so that maybe a new market for you to investigate. If so think of the military in deep jungles. To help defened against pest. Also if this works I would like if you pleasel 1.00 dollar for every bottle sold in your new market up to 10 million after that. No more! It becomes your idea ! Thanks. Barry V. Thurman Sr.

    1. Hi Barry, we are not the Rodent Sheriff company. Unfortunately, they will not read your message posted here.

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