PC Matic for President 2016

PC Matic for President

PC Matic is running for president? During an election year, it’s not unusual for companies to run advertising with a political theme. But Rob Cheng’s latest TV spot has us scratching our heads. Is there a president of PCs? Do Macs have a president too? We love PC Matic. It’s fantastic security and antivirus software for protecting your Windows computer. But Rob, would you please bring back the flower shop girl?

Here’s a transcription of Rob’s campaign speech in the commercial:

“I am proud to announce PC Matic for President of the United States of America. We are not secure anymore. Cyber threats are affecting our homes, businesses and even our government. Opponents are stuck in the past, relying on  archaic blacklists of known viruses.

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“Only PC Matic defends with a state-of-the-art whitelist of trusted programs, blocking modern cyberthreats like ransomware, spyware, polymorphic viruses and zero-day attacks.

“This is not another empty political promise. We broke the record for proactive virus detection in the respected Virus Bulletin RAP test. PC Matic puts Americans to work, creating jobs in malware research and software development right here in the USA.

“We believe that American homes and businesses should have access to good, affordable security. PC Matic costs only $50 for 5 computers per year, or $1 per month per computer for government agencies. Vote PC Matic for a secure America.”

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