PC Matic Anti-virus Software: Made in the USA

The best security software is made in America, according to PC Matic. “Where in the world is your security software developed?” asks PC Matic CEO Rob Cheng in the PC Matic ‘Foreigner’ TV commercial. And that’s a question I hadn’t thought to ask myself over the years – but now that the question is raised, do I want to trust my computer’s security to a foreign company with potentially questionable loyalties?

Maybe it’s all the bad press Russia’s getting these days, but I admit I’d think twice about running Kaspersky anti-virus now. McAfee and Symantec are from India, Bit Defender is Romanian, AVG is Czech… hey, I’m beginning to feel kind of uncomfortable all at once. If all our cyber-stuff is accessible to programs made in foreign nations (some with authoritarian governments), just how safe is it?

PC Matic Customer service and tech support is located in the USA, staffed by Americans whose first language is English. (Remember “Peggy,” the bearded credit-card customer-service representative in the Discover Card commercial?) With a new Facebook cover photo that proudly proclaims “Made and Supported in the USA” over an image of the Stars and Stripes, PC Matic is putting foreign-made security software on notice – not only can it block viruses and malware, close security holes in Java and Flash and keep your computer running faster, it also keeps more Americans working!

Try PC Matic on your own computer. You can download for free, and there’s a 30 day money-back guarantee when you buy.

Update 2/6/15: Here’s the newest PC Matic commercial. Don’t forget you can now protect up to five computers for the rest of your life for only $150.

Update 1/12/15: Here’s a recent TV spot with Randy White.

31 thoughts on “PC Matic Anti-virus Software: Made in the USA

  1. have ben trying to put pcmatic onto my new computer like my older unit and was renewed april 20 2018

    please call me XXX-XXX-XXXX (number redacted)

    1. Gerald, this website streams TV commercials. We’re not the PC Matic company. Please visit pcmatic.com and contact them directly.

    1. We’re not the PC Matic company. This site just streams videos. Click through to the PC Matic site for more info. Pretty sure you can’t buy it on a disc, though. This is 2017.

    1. We are not the PC Matic company. Our website steams and comments on TV commercials. Please visit the PC Matic website for contact information.

  2. I am looking for a new virus protection software but I also need a Malware program. Is PC Matic also capable of nuking malware from a system and is it compatable with Windows 10?

    1. Our website streams TV commercials. We are not the PC Matic company. PC Matic does remove malware, it is compatible with Windows 10, and you can learn more if you click one of the links in the article and visit the PC Matic website.

  3. A Little less than a year ago I purchased an anti-virus, anti Malware from a company in India called Iyogi. I believe my subscription will run out in the next several months. If I were to purchase PC Matic would your people help me to remove all traces of the iyogi software from my computer?
    At the time I didn’t even think about buying in the USA but that has always been my desire to keep USA jobs in the USA.

    Joe Brennan

    1. Hi Joe, our site is a blog about products advertised on TV. We don’t sell PC Matic. Click the PC Matic link in the post above to visit their site and ask your question.

  4. I have pc matic on my computer which is no longer working I need to switch to this computer. what do I need to do

  5. I would like to have a phone call if possible, I have 3 question. Phone #. xxx-xxx-xxxx
    Think you.

    Note. I have Norton now and would like to change to P.C. Matic.

    1. These comments are public, so we’ve redacted your phone number. We are not PC Matic – we only blog about it. You need to click through to the PC Matic website to ask your questions.

  6. can your software fix the bugs on my system. My homepage has been hijacked by Yahoo.com or something that looks like that, and even though I change it, every time I restart my browser, there’s Yahoo again. Also lots of video add pop ups.
    I hate to buy you software and then find out that it won’t solve my problems.

    Waiting for your response.

    1. Hi Dan. Our site streams TV commercials. We not the maker or seller of this software. I do know that you can download PC Matic and scan your system for free, and if you buy there is a 30-day money back guarantee.

  7. I just signed up for your product and have received NOTHING as far as setting up the software and license key, how do i get that?????

  8. How do I get a disc instead of download? We have 4 laptops to protect. Norton runs out in 4 days. What is cost?

      1. Ralph, this is a downloadable product, it’s not something you can buy over the phone. Not sure what you mean about social media.

    1. Just click the “Try PC Matic on your own computer” link above and select “Buy Now” to get pricing info. You can order a backup CD. Of course, you can download the software and burn it to a CD or put it on a USB thumb drive to install on multiple computers. You don’t need a CD.

      1. The price is for up to five computers. So it’s the same price for one, two, three, four or five computers. Hope that helps!

    2. If your running Windows 7 and newer use Microsoft Essentials I have been using it for 4 yrs and have had no issues

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