Knot Out Pet Grooming Comb

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Knot Out Pet Grooming Comb

Knot Out is the amazing new pain-free pet grooming tool. It’s guaranteed to gently and safely remove knots from your pet’s fur. Just comb Knot Out through your cat or dog’s fur. When you get stuck on a knot, just press the button to remove the knot instantly. It’s so easy, and super safe.

The pain-free, stress-free way to remove knots from your pet’s fur.

The secret is the small recessed blades that instantly eliminate knots for faster, easier grooming. Knot Out’s patented system allows the safety teeth to gently massage your pet while keeping the blade away from delicate skin. Use Knot Out on your pet’s paws, behind its ears, even safely groom your dog or cat’s face.

Knot Out glides through your pet’s coat and easily eliminates the knots. Eliminates any knot on any long hair breed with no tugging or struggling. Works great on cats and dogs.


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