Garden Joy

Garden Joy – Garden Kneeler

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Garden Joy – Garden Kneeler

Is kneeling in your gardening a pain? You can put your knees at ease with Garden Joy, the amazing new helper that makes gardening a breeze. Garden Joy helps you kneel down comfortably, and stand back up easily without all the pain and strain. Now you can enjoy gardening again.

Garden Joy’s heavy duty tubular frame is strong and lightweight, with easy grip handles that let you hold on tight for support. It has thick, moldable EVA foam kneepad that cradles and cushions your knees. Now you can garden for hours in complete comfort. Garden Joy is great anywhere around your home where you need to kneel down.

Simply flip Garden Joy over and you’ve got an instant chair you can use anywhere. It’s perfect for planting, picking, weeding, snipping, or just sitting down and taking time to admire your work. Folds flat, so it’s easy to take with you anywhere and easy to store.

Enjoy gardening again with Garden Joy.


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