DrainWig Hair Catcher Prevents Clogs

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DrainWig Hair Catcher Prevents Clogs

With DrainWig, you’ll never need to worry about a clogged shower drain again. Leave DrainWig in your drain, and every few months just pull it out and dispose of it. You don’t need to touch the yucky clog or even look at it. It just takes seconds to pull it out and throw it away. It’s completely disposable.

How does DrainWig work?

Here’s how it works. Water and hair spin down the drain. As it spins, the hair gets caught in DrainWig’s stainless steel chain and tiny rubber whiskers. Over time, as the hairball builds up, it can easily be removed and disposed of. There’s no more need for harmful chemicals that are dangerous to use and can harm your pipes.

Works for bathtubs, too.

Why dredge out your drain by hand the old way? DrainWig is the very easy solution to a very nasty problem. There’s also DrainWig for your bathtub. It allows the stopper to seal all the way shut, so no water leaks out while you bathe.

Never clean a clogged drain again.

There’s no need to worry about hair going down your drain if it’s being protected by DrainWig. It’s really works, so you’ll never need to clean a clogged drain again. No more expensive plumbers visits. DrainWig saves money and all the hassle.


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