Divine Time Clock

Divine Time Clock

Divine Time Clock

The Divine Time Clock brings the living word of God into your home. Every hour, this scripture-reading clock reads a different inspirational verse from the bible, reminding you to keep the love of God in your heart and mind. A beautiful addition to any home’s decor, the Divine Time Clock spreads warmth and calm in any environment.

This finely crafted clock is not only a precision timepiece. It’s also a decorative object you’ll be sure to treasure. It’s guaranteed to amaze and restore hope to all that listen. The Divine Time Clock also features a built-in light sensor that automatically sets the clock to quiet mode at night. And the clock’s hands glow in the dark. In the morning, you’ll awaken enlightened by wonderful holy passages.

We all want our children to follow a good example, and there’s no better tool for learning than the Divine Time Clock. In these challenging times, we can all feel sorrow, loneliness or even depression. Now every day can be like Sunday when you listen to these divine reassurances. Sometimes, we allow the pressures of life to pull us apart. With the Divine Time Clock, we can let these powerful words mend our hearts and bring us all back together.

This clock makes a perfect gift for any occasion. It’s a great way for you to share your faith and bring joy to all that hear and see it.

8 thoughts on “Divine Time Clock

  1. My clock does not work, will not read the scriptures, only get click, put in new batteries, they are in correctly.

    1. Hi Debra. This website streams TV commercials. We don’t sell this product. Check back with the seller if you are having issues.

  2. I have bought a clock, works great, i love it. So i bought one for a friend & it does not work. It will click when the hour is there & you think the voice is coming on but it doesnt. What is the problem? Customer service is horrible. I have called everyday & mailbox is full. Cant reach anyone!

  3. The customer service is horrible. They are located in India or the Phillipines and they do not know what they are doing. Very bad service, and if the clock is like the service I wood not even think of buying this product.

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