Cucumber Orient Express Plants

Cucumber Orient Express Plants

Cucumber Orient Express plants from Gardeners’ Collection grow foot-long, straight as an arrow cucumbers all season long. There’s nothing like a cool, refreshing cucumber to brighten any meal or snack. But most homegrown cucumbers are small or curved, and are a pain to peel or slice. Orient Express cucumbers are long and straight, which makes them easier to cut and peel. But the bright green skin is so tender and delicious, you won’t need to peel them at all.

Unlike other cucumbers, Orient Express cucumbers grow vertically and require very little yard space. In just a few weeks, your plants will grow baskets of giant ripe cucumbers you can share with family and friends. Each cucumber can grow up to 12″ or more.

Order Cucumber Orient Express and get this exclusive TV offer — buy 3 plants and get 3 free (just pay P&H). You’ll have baskets of delicious cucumbers in just weeks!

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