Battle Balloons Color Burst

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Battle Balloons Color Burst

Now you can throw water balloons bursting with color on the inside, with Battle Balloons Color Burst. Regular water balloons are fun, but ones with bright colors inside are a home run. It’s easy. Just pick a color, attach to any hose, and turn on the water. Now, let Color Burst do the rest. In seconds, you’ll have 40 water balloons, already tied.

The new advanced helical design with chroma mixing system fills all 40 balloons with H2O and a safe non-staining color. Then aqua-sealing technology ties ’em tight, and you’re ready to fight. Go ahead, take cover, and water bomb each other.

No more filling or spilling, or adding color the old way. The best part? Color Burst, is non-toxic, non-staining food color. It’s completely safe and washes out of clothes. After your balloon fight is over, one quick rinse with the hose and the backyard is sparkling clean.

Don’t settle for regular balloons, when you can have balloons bursting with color. Order Battle Balloons Color Burst and get three balloon bundles (one each blue, red and green) for only $12.99 plus S&H. That’s 120 balloons in all. Not available in stores.


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