Tobi Platinum Garment Steamer

Tobi Platinum Garment Steamer

The Tobi Steamer was the first professional upright and portable wrinkle removing machine, with millions sold worldwide. The All-New Tobi Platinum Steamer has been redesigned and reengineered with new and improved features including the CoolFlex Hose which stays cool to the touch. Removes wrinkles from all your clothes, up to five times faster than ironing. The Tobi Platinum Steamer is like having a dry cleaning shop right in your home. Get the Tobi and throw away your ironing board for good. Plus, sanitize furniture, mattresses, curtains and carpets to clean and remove dust mites and allergens.

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  1. The cloth steamer is easy to use, the clothes look great, it’ cheap, easy to carry it in a briefcase. I like it.

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