GoGo Pillow Holds iPad or Tablet

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GoGo Pillow Holds iPad or Tablet

The GoGo Pillow is designed to hold your iPad or tablet securely in place on any surface, or unzip and flip to use as travel pillow or backpack. Comes in 6 vibrant colors. GoGo Pillow works with most any tablet, including Apple iPad, or larger smartphones. Allows easy access to power cord and headphone sockets. Patented multi-slot design means your tablet is securely locked in place when you insert it in the pillow. GoGo Pillow doesn’t need a flat surface. Now you can comfortably use your tablet on your lap and anywhere you like, knowing that it will be stable and secure. And GoGo Pillow has straps so you can use it as a backpack to carry your tablet with you. Or use the straps to attach your GoGo Pillow to your car’s headrest so everyone can enjoy the show. GoGo Pillow is the pillow built for tablets, and designed for comfort. As Seen on TV.


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